Up Comedy Students, Performance Strategies, And The (Re)production Of Racist Jokes In Public

Forbes called him the global face of Indian stand-up comedy.” He has done more than 2000 shows across five continents on channels like Comedy Central, BBC and NBC. The elements we have identified in a comic text as components of its style are fundamental in the constitution of the discursive visages, mainly the "to do-to do" ( CHARAUDEAU, 2010a ), in other words, to fulfill the discursive 'purpose', in this case, "make laugh." This goal requires the use of discursive strategies, especially the catchment strategy, whose purpose is to make the listener "enter the universe of thought that is the act of communication" so that he can "share intentionality, values and emotions of which this act is a bearer" ( CHARAUDEAU; MAINGUENEAU, 2008 , p.93).

2.). The assumption is twofold: women and men find the same things funny, but women are incapable of effectively conveying jokes or humorous anecdotes. He also discusses authenticating strategies which comedians employ to demonstrate that they are recalling their actual experiences, and ways in which the dialogic qualities of stand-up affect empathy and intimacy.

No real instruction or information is needed to succeed as a comedian — simply find a few stand-up comedy tips online, get on stage a few times and magically, the helicopter from Hollywood drops by to whisk them away to fame and fortune. Well known comics of today like Russell Peters , Big Jay Oakerson , and Dave Attell are very well-known for their crowd work abilities and have constructed styles of comedy that work for their acts.

The performer is commonly known as a comic, stand-up comic, comedian, stand-up comedian, or simply a stand-up. This ties back to my first point in that if you think about who is searching for comedy-related hashtags, it's most likely other comedians. Last summer, Holler's Global Head of Strategic Ideas Jonathan Fraser walked into the Planning department and told them all that in just one month's time, each planner would perform live at a London comedy club.

Maingueneau (2012, p.236) points out that "what we call 'text' is not content fixed on this or that support, but something that forms unit with its mode of material existence." The development of stand-up in Brazil - and the new breath it seems to gain around the world - does not obey the vicinity of a pub stand up stationary platform, but the fiber optic network of hypertext.

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